Early 2016 we were advised of the benefits of using 3D Animation by our marketing consultant. As a business, we wanted to reinvest back into our local communities and safeguarding has always been at the core of our operations – safeguarding is everybody’s business and we certainly embedded into ours.

Many themes were discussed and through a local tragedy, we wanted our first initiative to be based on the dangers of entering building sites and void properties. Varying ideas were put forward, one of which was a Bee and on the 14th April 2016 we held a staff vote – BuzzBee was decided upon.

Our marketing consultant sourced a start-up company – Animascot Ltd to create and develop BuzzBee with a brief description of “Fun, Lively and Bubbly” – Animascot Ltd put pen to paper and we were in awe as we saw BuzzBee come to life, we held consultations with them and held focus groups with safeguarding teams to ensure the message provided held an impact whilst remaining upbeat and positive. After many, many meetings (we are perfectionists!) a storyboard was agreed. You can see from the images the design process come to life, even more so as Animascot proposed the characteristics behind BuzzBee – we hope you are as fascinated by this as we were.

Within a few weeks, it became clear from the meetings Michelle and Lynsey held with Head Teachers, Safeguarding teams and Policing teams that people were embracing the concept. On the 24th June 2016, Bee_Safe was launched. Internally our NSPCC trained safeguarding Officer has worked closely with local intervention partners and we have been involved in monthly safeguarding meetings of which the use of BuzzBee has been discussed to maximize his benefits.

We could not have achieved the successes so far if not for the creative dynamics Animascot brough, coupled with the support of our wider community. Our marketing consultant infiltrated various news outlets, explaining the ethos behind Active Response and their initiatives. The support of our wider community has been humbling – they really have taken Buzz Bee within their hearts. We have continued to invest into BuzzBee who has become very much a part of our company brand and ethos – releasing further videos this year. More information on how BuzzBee has been used can be found in our News/Blog sections with free downloadable resources.

It is with deep sadness that we learned that the original developer/animator of BuzzBee tragically passed away on the 25th December 2016. He had a huge, huge talent and we felt a big sense of responsibility to continue with his legacy,  Animascot was pivotal to the success of the Bee_Safe animation and associated images which he created, animated and directed. VizualisedIt have supported us to ensure BuzzBee continued, sensitively, with his new friend Freddy the Fly. They allowed us to continue producing the BuzzBee videos and sensitively ensured we worked as close as possible to Animascot’s originality.

Bee_Safe 2015 – Created and Produced by Animascot Ltd

Bee_Kind 2016 – Created and Produced by VizualisedIt