Wellbeing Is Vital For Young People

Jamie Fullarton

Former Midfielder at Crystal Palace FC and Under 21s Captain of Scotland

As a young boy growing up in Scotland my ambition was to play football and one day become a manager,  I was to achieve my goals but the lessons I would learn along the way would prove very valuable lessons in life.

Having a talent is good but it takes a lot of hard work to achieve success, It will also involve sacrifice on some level. The biggest challenge when you are inexperienced is finding someone who can advise, guide and prepare you for the realities of life.

That’s why I like BuzzBee, A 3D bee character who has been brought to life by Active Response Security for the purpose of encouraging and safeguarding children. We absorb ideas and attitudes quickly when we are young as we are eager to learn and please.

The difficulty is – who we will learn from?

There can be no doubt that the company we keep will influence our personality and approach to others. Glasgow was a tough place to grow up but as I would learn later I didn’t fully understand the realities of life until faced with challenges.

BuzzBee is a lovable teaching tool that draws children to what he says.

Staying away from building sites and getting along with others is just a couple of lessons that children have responded to. Coaching football is my life and BuzzBee is a coach for children to become the best they can be.It’s no secret that I believe in discipline and nurturing to develop maturity. By becoming physically and mentally mature we not only help ourselves but it leads to helping and supporting others too.

BuzzBee wants to get into one of my coaching academies and there’s no doubt he would #BeeGood but his essential quality is that he is encouraging all of us to #Bee_Kind

It’s a great Initiative by Active Response and I say “Come On BuzzBee”